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Atomistic simulation study of surfactant and polymer interactions on the surface of a fenofibrate crystal.
Using molecular dynamic simulations to investigate and predict additive interactions, and thus, evaluate the stabilization potential of individual and multiple additives on the surface of the model drug fenofibrate, HPMC was determined to have the strongest interaction with the surfaces of the fen ofibrate crystal, and was predicted to be the most effective individual additive. Expand
Production and characterization of anisotropic particles from biodegradable materials.
A novel formulation for production of anisotropic particles via an internal phase separation of biodegradable components, found that addition of certain active pharmaceuticals resulted in an altered, pox-like segregation at the particle surface of polymer/polymer formulations. Expand
Atomistic simulations of aqueous griseofulvin crystals in the presence of individual and multiple additives
Abstract The production and stabilization of crystalline pharmaceutical suspensions, an area of great importance to the pharmaceutical industry, was investigated through exploration of the ability ofExpand
Important Factors in the Size Reduction of Polymer-Stabilized Drug Particle Suspensions Using High-Pressure Homogenization
In recent years, high-pressure homogenization has been used with increasing frequency to reduce the size of pharmaceutical suspensions to the micron, submicron, and nano scales with the goal ofExpand
Effects of particle size disparity on the compaction behavior of binary mixtures of pharmaceutical powders
Abstract The compression behavior of binary mixtures with a large size disparity has been investigated using an instrumented tableting emulator. The stress–strain correlations obtained during theExpand
Density behavior of cohesive granular materials
A new experimental methodology for the characterization of density in a powder bed utilizing X-ray micro-computerized tomography (micro-CT) was developed to quantify the density fluctuations in threeExpand
Effective Topical Delivery of Ibuprofen through the Skin by Audree Porter
The ability to effectively deliver non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) topically and transdermally offers an increased localization of the drug to the site of pain and inflammation, whileExpand
Kai Zhuang, Senior Technical Sales Representative, Pharma Ingredients and Services Vince Quiquero, PhD, Executive Vice President Research and Development, Accucaps Industries Limited Introduction ItExpand
Dry catalyst impregnation in a double cone blender: A computational and experimental analysis
Abstract The dry impregnation of catalysts is widely used in industrial catalyst preparation, however, until recently, it has not been possible to model this system computationally. In this work, aExpand