Francis R. Jordan

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BACKGROUND Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) is an accepted treatment for neuropathic pain. Recent studies have focused on its potential for relieving headache pain. OBJECTIVES To investigate the effectiveness of PNS in reducing occipital headache pain. DESIGN A prospective, 12-week pilot study involving 11 patients evaluated before and after(More)
Greyhound kennel owners frequently employ multiple vaccination schedules in an attempt to reduce financial losses incurred as a result of infectious diseases. In order to determine the effects of multiple vaccination schedules on the immune system of racing greyhounds, three litters of greyhound pups raised in laboratory conditions were divided into two(More)
A double blind study of 134 patients was undertaken to compare the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine sulfate, Plaquenil, and heparin in the prophylaxis of deep venous thrombosis. By the 125I fibrinogen scanning technique, deep venous thrombosis was detected in six patients in the placebo group, in one patient in the Plaquenil group and none in the heparin(More)
Kernel independent component analysis (KICA) is a blind signal separation method which has a good effect for the treatment of non-linear signal. For introducing kernel techniques, the choices of kernel function and its kernel parameter have a great influence on the analytic results. A kernel function and its parameters optimization method is proposed on the(More)
We report here an experience with five patients, aged 58 to 70, suffering gangrene of the left colon after spontaneous inferior mesenteric artery occlusion. All cases were the result of arteriosclerosis; in two, small aortic aneurysms were present and might have been responsible for emboli to the inferior mesenteric artery. The dead bowel was resected in(More)
Linzell, J. L. & Peaker, M. (1 974) J. Physlol. (London) 243, 129-1 5 1 Mancini, G., Vaerman, J.-P., Carbonara, A. 0. & Heremans, J. F. (1964) Prorides Bid . Fluids 11,370-373 Osserman, E. F. & Lawlor, D. F. (1966) J. Exp. Med. 124,92 1-95 1 Pitelka, D. R. (1978) in Lactation, a Comprehensive Treatise (Larsen, B., ed.), vol. 4, pp. 41-66, Academic Press,(More)