Francis Pereira

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The burgeoning costs of healthcare and growth in consumer use of the Internet to attain health-related information to better manage their health-care, coupled with demographic changes in the industrialized countries, strongly argues for the use of tele-health applications that can lower costs and improve the quality of healthcare delivery. Despite its(More)
This paper seeks to explain the different rates of adoption for networked gaming and mobile gaming technology in the United States and Korea. We use the Global Acceptance of Technology model to analyze the diffusion of online gaming technology according to cultural and socio-demographic factors mediated by the influence of technology-related factors. Using(More)
We posit that the basic challenge for digital service innovation is to design new services that achieve the dual goals of value creation and value appropriation within digital business ecosystems that require a new set of assumptions and structures. Due to new phenomena such as open innovation, these two goals are increasingly in conflict, but the(More)
The business efficiencies of IP-based applications, stemming from improved internal coordination and supply chain management, will continue to be a compelling force driving the adoption of these applications by large corporations. Research and surveys suggest that many applications, particularly web-based customer support and supply-chain management, will(More)
This chapter provides in-depth profiles of two representative small firms and one medium-sized firm from a variety of industry sectors in order to delineate the workflow processes, cost structures, and other aspects about these companies that affect their e-commerce potential. We seek to identify specifically how SMEs can feasibly re-engineer and engage in(More)
To my parents Joe and Evelyn, for all their love and support To my professor Daniel Engels, who kept moving the cheese. To all my friends for sticking by me along the way. For those who ask the question, the answer is 42 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to express my gratitude to my professor and friend Dr. Daniel Engels, for his encouragement and support, for(More)