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Although many countries around the world have modern telecommunications networks that support broadband access to the home, broadband penetration rates vary across these countries, as shown in Table 1. Government initiatives in the various countries to establish national ‘information superhighways’ are key factors in explaining this difference in(More)
The burgeoning costs of healthcare and growth in consumer use of the Internet to attain health-related information to better manage their health-care, coupled with demographic changes in the industrialized countries, strongly argues for the use of tele-health applications that can lower costs and improve the quality of healthcare delivery. Despite its(More)
The business efficiencies of IP-based applications, stemming from improved internal coordination and supply chain management, will continue to be a compelling force driving the adoption of these applications by large corporations. Research and surveys suggest that many applications, particularly web-based customer support and supply-chain management, will(More)
Using the World Wide Mobile Data Services Study, which provides multi-year multi-country data, we find that cultural differences are critical drivers of wireless data service adoption. We also find that age differences drive patterns in mobile data service adoption. Difficulty does not detract from use for younger users who are also interested in fun(More)
The health care industry in the United States has been experiencing substantial and ever increasing cost pressures. At the same time, many forces are revolutionizing the way health care is financed and delivered. Telemedicine, in this respect, offers significant potential for addressing some of the challenges faced by the health care industry. However,(More)
This paper seeks to explain the different rates of adoption for networked gaming and mobile gaming technology in the United States and Korea. We use the Global Acceptance of Technology model to analyze the diffusion of online gaming technology according to cultural and socio-demographic factors mediated by the influence of technology-related factors. Using(More)
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