Francis M. Rotella

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The BSIMSOI model largely dominates the modeling of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) MOSFET technologies. Silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) technology has many of the advantages of SOI for RF and low-power applications, but with enhanced electrical isolation and heat dissipation, among others. We show that BSIMSOI can reasonably describe state-of-the-art SOS devices as(More)
Pattern ground shield inductors have been shown to improve the performance of on-chip inductors by reducing the impact of the resistive substrate. This paper optimizes these inductors by separating the capacitive component and inductive component. The trade-offs are characterized and modeled. An optimized design is developed to improve the performance of a(More)
An algorithm to train feedforward multilayer perceptrons is presented. This algorithm trains the perceptron in fewer pattern presentations than standard backpropagation. A parallel processing scheme renders it computationally efficient. The algorithm uses the error backpropagated from the output layer to each node in the network to formulate a normal(More)
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