Francis M. Duffy

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This article is a social work practice reflection on issues arising for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) older people interfacing with health and residential care in Australia; focusing on clients, families, and carers in relation to rights, decision making, and end-of-life care. The article explores relevant case examples from(More)
This article is a call for those who design social work courses to recognize the complexity and richness of aged care social work in health care and to social workers to shake off ageist attitudes and consider working with older people as a positive option in this rapidly expanding area of social work practice. A mixture of practice experience together with(More)
Here's what we know about the dominant paradigm, mental models, and mindsets that currently inuence teaching and learning in America's school systems: For more than a century the American education system has been guided by the Industrial Age world view (the controlling paradigm) that delivers education services to children by teaching them in groups, by(More)
Five experiments investigated an apparent misalignment effect in 90 degrees arc figures. Preliminary observations showed that the effect occurs also in chevron figures, in an afterimage of the arc figure, and haptically in arc- and chevron-shaped objects. The experiments showed that the effect is greater with 3 radial lines than with 2, absent without them,(More)