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What we believe to be a novel three-dimensional (3D) phase unwrapping algorithm is proposed to unwrap 3D wrapped-phase volumes. It depends on a quality map to unwrap the most reliable voxels first and the least reliable voxels last. The technique follows a discrete unwrapping path to perform the unwrapping process. The performance of this technique was(More)
Understanding how the mechanical properties of cells alter with disease may help with the development of novel diagnostics and treatment regimes. The emergence of tools such as the atomic force microscope (AFM) has enabled us to physically measure the mechanical properties of cells. However, suitable models for the analysis of real experimental data are(More)
This paper describes the design and construction of an open, automated, solder bond veriication machine for the electronics manufacturing industry. The application domain is the higher end assembly technologies, with an emphasis on ne pitch surface mount c o m p o n e n ts. The system serves a measurement function, quantifying the solder bonds. It(More)
PURPOSE The CT body surface underpins millimeter scale dose computation in radical radiotherapy. A lack of technology has prevented measurement of surface topology changes during irradiation. Consequently, body changes are incorporated into plans statistically. We describe the technology for dynamic measurement of continuous surface topology at(More)
Elongation factor 1 alpha (eEF1A) is a positively charged protein which has been shown to interact with the actin cytoskeleton. However, to date, a specific actin binding site within the eEF1A sequence has not been identified and the mechanism by which eEF1A interacts with actin remains unresolved. Many protein-protein interactions occur as a consequence of(More)
We present an investigation into the phase errors that occur in fringe pattern analysis that are caused by quantization effects. When acquisition devices with a limited value of camera bit depth are used, there are a limited number of quantization levels available to record the signal. This may adversely affect the recorded signal and adds a potential(More)
In this paper we propose a novel hybrid three-dimensional phase-unwrapping algorithm, which we refer to here as the three-dimensional best-path avoiding singularity loops (3DBPASL) algorithm. This algorithm combines the advantages and avoids the drawbacks of two well-known 3D phase-unwrapping algorithms, namely, the 3D phase-unwrapping noise-immune(More)
We present a novel system that can measure absolute distances of up to 300 mm with an uncertainty of the order of one micrometer, within a timeframe of 40 seconds. The proposed system uses a Michelson interferometer, a tunable laser, a wavelength meter and a computer for analysis. The principle of synthetic wave creation is used in a novel way in that the(More)
Successful imaging of living human cells using atomic force microscopy (AFM) is influenced by many variables including cell culture conditions, cell morphology, surface topography, scan parameters, and cantilever choice. In this study, these variables were investigated while imaging two morphologically distinct human cell lines, namely LL24 (fibroblasts)(More)
Breast cancer patients are commonly treated after surgery using radiotherapy with the breast unconstrained, which leaves the technique susceptible to respiratory motion, deformations of the breast tissues and the ability to sustain setup posture. Continuously structured light projection from an interferometer system is used to generate a temporal sequence(More)