Francis L. Abel

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The maximal negative peak of the first derivative of left ventricular pressure was examined as an index of the end of ventricular ejection by comparing it with the end of aortic flow. Under varying heart rate and afterload situations in anesthetized dogs, a correlation coefficient of 0.982 was obtained with a mean error of less than 0.4 ms. This may be a(More)
Chronic hypertension, known to affect the collagen profile of the heart, and exercise result in impaired or improved heart function, respectively. Collagen types I [alpha 1(I)2 and alpha 2(I)] and III [alpha 1(III)3] are the predominant interstitial collagens thought to influence cardiac function, and the ratio of type III to I (collagen III/I) is thought(More)
MORGAN, BEVERLY C., FRANCIS L. ABEL, GAY L. MULLINS, AND WARREN G. GUNTHEROTH. Flow patterns in cavae, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, and aorta in intact dogs. Am. J. Physiol. 2 IO(~) : 903-909. 1966 -Ultrasonic flow transducers were implanted in dogs and the animals were allowed to recover completely. In the vena cava, flow reversed with atria1 systole,(More)
The effects of cocaine hydrochloride infusion on left ventricular function in the anesthetized dog were observed under controlled heart rate and blood pressure conditions. In every case an immediate decrease in performance, as evidenced by maximal + rate of change of ventricular pressure (dP/dt), occurred and was a linear function of cumulative dose.(More)
The effects of pericardial tamponade on coronary capacitance and coronary systemic hemodynamics were calculated in two groups of animals subjected to increases in pericardial pressure (PCP) up to approximately 20 mmHg. In one group (A), flow in the left circumflex artery was measured in the intact animal under conditions of increased PCP. In the second(More)
Myocardial function in sepsis and endotoxin shock is reviewed. Clinical, whole animal, and isolated tissue studies are compared to answer the question whether sepsis and/or endotoxin directly damage the myocardium. Myocardial performance is considered relative to control of preload, afterload, and heart rate. Despite the fact that these vary widely in(More)
This study presents an improved method for the measurement of intramyocardial pressure (IMP) using the servo-nulling mechanism. Glass micropipettes (20-24 microns OD) were used as transducers, coated to increase their mechanical resistance to breakage, and placed inside the left ventricular wall with a micropipette holder and manipulator. IMP was measured(More)