Francis Kendall

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Directly measured and derived geometric and densitometric parameters were obtained by means of the automated image analyzer Quantimet 720-D in Feulgen-stained HeLa cells synchronized by selective mitotic detachment. These data indicate substantial alteration of nuclear morphology during the entire cell cycle, even during the G1 and G2 phases, and the late(More)
T hreats to public safety and health from environmental hazards such as polluted air and excessive heat, cold, and flooding emerge regularly, as shown by the 2005 Katrina disaster in New Orleans, the 2008 coal ash spill in Ten-nessee in the US, and other national and international environmental events. The magnitude of the Tennessee coal ash spill, for(More)
Ethidium bromide intercalation strongly effects the circular dichroism spectrum of DNA in the region of 230-300 mu, in a complex manner. In this report we present a study that quantitizes the relationships of the circular dichroism spectrum in the region of 230-300 mu and the ethidium bromide induced optical activity centered around 308 mu. We present(More)
Thermal denaturation of chromatin is observed by simultaneously monitoring absorption and circular dichroism at 276 nm as functions of temperature. Either observation indicates that sheared chromatins shows less thermal stability than native chromatin. The temperature-dependent ellipticities at 276 nm of these chromatins show features not seen in the(More)
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