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Gesture and speech combine to form a rich basis for human conversational interaction. To exploit these modalities in HCI, we need to understand the interplay between them and the way in which they support communication. We propose a framework for the gesture research done to date, and present our work on the cross-modal cues for discourse segmentation in(More)
Vessel segmentation algorithms are the critical components of circulatory blood vessel analysis systems. We present a survey of vessel extraction techniques and algorithms. We put the various vessel extraction approaches and techniques in perspective by means of a classification of the existing research. While we have mainly targeted the extraction of blood(More)
We present attribute bagging (AB), a technique for improving the accuracy and stability of classiÿer ensembles induced using random subsets of features. AB is a wrapper method that can be used with any learning algorithm. It establishes an appropriate attribute subset size and then randomly selects subsets of features, creating projections of the training(More)
Detection of skin in video is an important component of systems for detecting, recognizing, and tracking faces and hands. Different skin detection methods have used different color spaces. This paper presents a comparative evaluation of pixel classification performance of two skin detection methods in five color spaces. The skin detection methods used in(More)
Touch is a unique channel in affect conveyance. A significant aspect of this uniqueness is that the relation of touch to affect is immediate, without the need for symbolic encoding and decoding. However, most pioneering research work in developing remote touch technologies, result in the use of touch as a symbolic channel either by design or user decision.(More)
Narratives are an intimate part of our lives. Based on beha-vioral research suggesting that older adults tend to process text better at discourse level, this study investigates the im-pact of narrative structure on the enjoyment level of older game players. Two variations of a casual memory mobile game were built, one with a narrative and the other one(More)
—This paper presents an approach for the extraction of vasculature from angiography images by using a wave propagation and traceback mechanism. We discuss both the theory and the implementation of the approach. Using a dual-sigmoidal filter, we label each pixel in an angiogram with the likelihood that it is within a vessel. Representing the reciprocal of(More)