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Hodgkins family at Ravensbourne, Dunedin - Photograph taken by F L Jones; Hodgkins family at Cranmer Lodge, Dunedin - Photograph taken by Cower
Hodgkins family groups. The upper image was taken at 'Waira', Ravensbourne, Dunedin, in November 1888, by Francis Lawrence Jones. From left to right: Frances, Percy, Frank and Gilbert Hodgkins, with
Safety Matches
MR. TOMLINSON'S remarks on safety-matches in NATURE, vol. xiii., p. 469, reminded me that, not long ago I accidentally kindled one of those matches by rubbing it on the edge of a Wedgwood-ware
The Centenary of Bunsen's Birth
ON March 31 it will be one hundred years since Robert William Bunsen was born, and it has been felt that that occasion should not be allowed to pass without his pupils and admirers in this country