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We have experienced the B Method on a case study which was defined by the French working group on formalisms for interactive systems, i.e. a Post-It® Notes like collaborative application. This experience showed that the B approach allows to cover the description, the formal specification, and the design of each component of basic architecture models, i.e.,(More)
This paper introduces a new technique for the verification of interactive systems. It first presents the use of a model oriented formal method for specifying interactive systems, i.e. the B method. Then, it suggests formally based solutions which allow solving difficulties that are inherent to interactive systems specification, like reachability,(More)
This paper proposes a development process for interactive systems based both on verification and validation methods. Our approach is formal and use at first the B Method. We show in this paper how formal B specifications can be derived from informal requirements in the informal notation UAN. Then, these B specifications are validated using the data oriented(More)
This article details experience feedback resulting from a user experience study in the wild (i.e. in-situ). The system under test was a mobile device for skiers, which aimed at improving their users' experience. The skiers were equipped with a mini-camera, an accelerometer and a geo-localization system. Thanks to a smartphone, they could replay, on trails,(More)