Francis J. Schmitt

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A surface force apparatus was used to measure a long-range attractive protein-ligand force at separations D less than 85 angstroms. This force may effectively "steer" ligand trajectories, resulting in a greater than 27-fold enhancement of the association rate. A much stronger specific attraction is measured at contact (D less than 4 angstroms). A sevenfold(More)
The association of lipid molecules into spherical vesicles in solution as a result of non-specific intermolecular forces constitutes a primary self-assembly process. Such vesicles can undergo a secondary self-assembly into higher order structures in a controlled and reversible manner by means of site-specific ligand-receptor (biotin-streptavidin) coupling.(More)
Electronic Imaging may receive several diierent attributions in the domain of ne arts, and more precisely in the domain of paintings. Some of these attributions may appear sometimes connicting. The most developed one is the reproduction of the main masterpieces under compact and universal forms allowing for a broad diiusion and display under many very(More)
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