Francis J Coffey

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Numerous studies indicate that γδ T cell receptor (γδTCR) expression alone does not reliably mark commitment of early thymic progenitors to the γδ fate. This raises the possibility that the γδTCR is unable to intrinsically specify fate and instead requires additional environmental factors, including TCR-ligand engagement. We use single cell progenitor(More)
Fas/Apo-1 signals through the FADD (Fas-associated death domain) adaptor protein, which recruits and activates the apical caspase 8 and leads to apoptosis. Cellular FLIP (cFLIP) is a homolog of caspase 8 and is also capable of binding to FADD. Previous studies suggest that cFLIP could either enhance or inhibit apoptosis and lead to NF-kappaB and Erk1/2(More)
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