Francis J Bayard

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Typically, inhaled drugs are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, which results in systemic side effects and a brief residence time in the lungs. PEGylation was evaluated as a novel strategy for prolonging the retention of small inhaled molecules in the pulmonary tissue. Hydrolysable ester conjugates of PEG₁₀₀₀, PEG₂₀₀₀, ₂₀₀₀, PEG₃₄₀₀ and prednisolone, a(More)
Extract: A constant infusion of 14C-cortisol and 3H-cortisone for 4 hr was given to six pregnant women, at term, at the time of elective cesarean section. Radioactive and nonradioactive cortisol (F) and cortisone (E) concentrations were determined in maternal and cord plasma at the time when the concentration of the radioactive steroids had reached a(More)
The transplacental passage and production of aldosterone by the mother and fetus were studied near term during a constant infusion of 1,2-3H-aldosterone to 9 mothers at the time of elective cesarean section.This study showed that there was a transplacental passage of aldosterone. The fetal plasma levels of 1,2-3H-aldosterone, expressed as percentage of the(More)
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