Francis H Bennet

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We suggest and demonstrate a novel platform for the study of tunable nonlinear light propagation in two-dimensional discrete systems, based on photonic crystal fibers filled with high index nonlinear liquids. Using the infiltrated cladding region of a photonic crystal fiber as a nonlinear waveguide array, we experimentally demonstrate highly tunable beam(More)
We demonstrate experimentally the localization of broad optical beams in periodic arrays of optical waveguides with defocusing nonlinearity. This observation in optics is linked to nonlinear self-trapping of Bose-Einstein-condensed atoms in stationary periodic potentials being associated with the generation of truncated nonlinear Bloch states, existing in(More)
We demonstrate experimentally a transition from nonlinear beam trapping to defocusing in a two-dimensional periodic photonic structures by varying the modulation depth of the lattice. The observed effect illustrates the fundamental crossover from discrete to cw transport mechanisms. At the threshold modulation, the output beam is highly sensitive to(More)
We demonstrate, both theoretically and experimentally, the existence of nonlocal gap solitons in two-dimensional periodic photonic structures with defocusing thermal nonlinearity. We employ liquid-infiltrated photonic crystal fibers and show how the system geometry can modify the effective response of a nonlocal medium and the properties of two-dimensional(More)
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