Francis Gasse

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Description Logics are a family of very expressive logics but some forms of knowledge are much more intuitive to formulate otherwise, say, as rules. Rules in DL can be dealt with two approaches: (i) use rules as they are knowing that it leads to undecidability. (ii) or make the rules DL-safe, which will restrict their semantic impact and, e.g., loose the(More)
OWL is a very expressive language, but some user obviously struggle to formulate what they want to say. Now, some of these users may find it easier to write down a SWRL rule instead of an OWL axiom. Hence, we present a rule editor plug-in for Protégé that brings something different to rule and OWL integration. We part from the two usual approaches: (i) use(More)
The Aurora family of serine/threonine kinases is essential for mitosis. Their crucial role in cell cycle regulation and aberrant expression in a broad range of malignancies have been demonstrated and have prompted intensive search for small molecule Aurora inhibitors. Indeed, over 10 of them have reached the clinic as potential anticancer therapies. We(More)
Jae-wook Ahn Ahmed Alasoud Zelalem Bachore Krisztian Balog Domenico Beneventano Gary Blosser Lianne Bodenstaff Sylvain Bouveret Yanli Cai Keke Cai José Caldas Bin Cao Luciano Caroprese Sara Casolari Jianhui Chen Feilong Chen Frédéric Desprez Zhidian Du Nurcan Durak Ibrahim Elsayed Bin Gao Francis Gasse Massimo Guarascio Francesco Guerra Yuzhang Han Jiyin He(More)
We study possibilities of combining (fragments) of the lightweight description logics FL0 and EL, and identify classes of subsumption problems in a combination of EL and Horn-FL0, which can be checked in PSPACE resp. PTIME. Since FL0 allows universal role restrictions and EL allows existential role restrictions, we thus have a framework where subsumption(More)
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