Francis Gasc

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Phenolics from grapes and wines can play a role against oxidation and development of atherosclerosis. Stilbenes have been shown to have cancer chemopreventive activity and to protect lipoproteins from oxidative damage. A method for the direct determination of stilbene oligomers (viniferin and pallidol) as well as astilbin in different types of wine using(More)
Phenolics from grapes and wines can play a role against oxidation and development of atherosclerosis. Levels of phenolics, major catechins [(+)-catechin, (-)-epicatechin, procyanidin dimers B1, B2, B3, and B4], phenolic acids (gallic acid and caffeic acid), caftaric acid, malvidin-3-glucoside, peonidin-3-glucoside, and cyanidin-3-glucoside were quantified(More)
A polyphenol extract from a Corbières (France) red wine (P, 200 mg/kg), ethanol (E, 1 mL/kg), or a combination of both (PE) was administered by daily gavage for 6 weeks to healthy control or streptozotocin (60 mg/kg i.v.)-induced diabetic rats (180-200 g). Treatment groups included C or D (untreated control or diabetic) and CP, CE, or CPE (treated control)(More)
A Chardonnay white wine enriched in polyphenols was obtained by modification of winemaking and characterized by its enrichment in total polyphenolic content (1346 mg/L as compared to 316 mg/L for traditional Chardonnay) and in various individual polyphenols (catechin, epicatechin, procyanidins dimers B1-B4, gallic acid, cafeic acid, and caftaric acid), as(More)
A series of copolymers with various compositions were synthesized by bulk ring-opening polymerization of glycolide and epsilon-caprolactone, using stannous (II) octoate or zirconium (IV) acetylacetonate as initiator. Reaction time and temperature were varied so as to induce different chain microstructures. The resulting copolymers were characterized by (1)H(More)
An accurate and reproducible method for direct determination of vanadium (V) in wine using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS) is described. This method gave results insignificantly different from those obtained using dry mineralization of wine samples, with a detection limit of 42 pg. A total of 68 wine samples from different regions of(More)
Since effervescent pharmaceuticals are more sensitive to ambient humidity during the manufacturing process and storage, the strict control of their carbon dioxide content becomes a prerequisite to guarantee their physicochemical stability. Indirect gravimetry is a simple and precise method that consists in taking the weight before and after the effervescent(More)
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