Francis Dupin

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In the regenerating newt tail, epimorphic regeneration--which recapitulates morphologically normal embryonic development--proceeds along a rostrocaudal differentiation gradient. Innervation of the new myomeres results from the spinal roots of segments rostral to the amputation plane and from ventral roots emerging from the lateroventral region of the(More)
This paper addresses the problem of the usage of the in-vehicle sensor data collected in naturalistic driving conditions. Many applications in the intelligent transportation system research area require complex analysis of such data, taking account of the spatial location and the road network topology. An extended database management system using specific(More)
This paper describes hybrid fusion module used in a strong localization context (POMA) for embedded vehicle applications. This work has been developed in order to give an answer to the POMA (Positioning, Maps and local referencing) sub project objectives. These objectives are to provide, for a set of high level applications, a positioning service included a(More)
This article describes the design of a modular demonstrator (Enhanced Driver Awarness - EDA) aimed at integrating various safety embedded vehicular applications. Two goals are achieved with this demonstrator: the first one is to provide a complete set of useful function in order to develop safety applications; the other one is to allow multiple services to(More)
This paper presents a full chain to detect and photograph impacts from the infrastructure. This work is the result of the collaborative project InfraCall. It focuses on the protection of the crash cushions and barrier rails. The principle is to adapt on them sensors and to take a photo. The informations are instantly transmitted to an emergency call center.(More)
During post-traumatic regeneration of the polychaete annelid Owenia fusiformis, the extracellular matrix (ECM) formation was studied by light and electron microscopy and by histoautoradiography after incorporation of tritiated proline as marker for collagenic proteins. Three days after amputation, a new basement membrane was reformed in the blastema between(More)
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