Francis Deroos

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OBJECTIVE The lack of generally accepted diagnostic criteria for neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) impedes research and clinical management of patients receiving antipsychotic medications. The purpose of this study was to develop NMS diagnostic criteria reflecting a broad consensus among clinical knowledge experts, represented by an international(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To determine which adult patients with new-onset seizures require admission and whether those who require admission can be identified in the emergency department. DESIGN Retrospective chart review of patients seen during a 5-year period. SETTING Urban county teaching hospital in southern California. PARTICIPANTS Three hundred(More)
OBJECTIVE Although intentional and unintentional rodenticide poisoning is common, most readily available agents are of relatively low acute toxicity. A four-year long epidemic of severe toxicity from rodenticide exposure continues among patients predominantly of Dominican descent living in New York City. This study characterizes the ongoing epidemic of(More)
OBJECTIVES Medication error prevention has become a priority in health care. The Joint Commission recommends that a list of medications, dosages, and allergies be obtained from all patients. The authors sought to determine the accuracy of medication history taking in emergency department (ED) triage. The hypothesis was that there would be significant(More)
Cardiovascular collapse remains a leading cause of death in severe acute drug intoxication. Commonly prescribed medications such as antidysrhythmics, calcium channel antagonists, and beta adrenergic receptor antagonists can cause refractory cardiovascular collapse in massive overdose. Emergency cardiopulmonary bypass (ECPB), a modality originating in(More)
BACKGROUND Five cases of illegitimate bite by captive specimens of the Gaboon viper (Bitis gabonica) snake have demonstrated the dangers of keeping exotic African snakes in captivity. CASE SERIES Four cases necessitated hospitalization for the bite and were characterized by progressive swelling of the affected limb, local necrosis and hemorrhagic edema(More)
BACKGROUND Internet access and online pharmacies are a resource for purchasing medications. It is unclear if this venue is being used by emergency department (ED) patients to obtain medications. OBJECTIVE We sought to determine the frequency of and to characterize online pharmacy use by ED patients. We hypothesized that students and younger patients would(More)
Prescription opioid analgesic misuse and addiction are a significant public health concern in the USA. Through their concurrent roles as prescribers and public health stewards, medical toxicologists (MTs) have a unique perspective on this issue. They represent a physician group with a particular interest in prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs)(More)