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Federal guidelines for the treatment of acute low back pain were locally modified and made more specific. These guidelines were then programmed into a rule-based computer charting system which provides real-time advice regarding documentation, testing, treatment, and disposition of emergency department patients with this condition. In a time-series off-on(More)
OBJECTIVE This prospective randomized trial compared the Angio-Seal VIP with Perclose Proglide and to manual compression with respect to time to hemostasis and ambulation, patient satisfaction, and vascular complications following percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). BACKGROUND The use of arterial closure devices for the reduction of vascular(More)
AimsGlaucoma is a significant health problem, with associated inequalities. Equity profiles are an established public health tool to examine the scale of health inequalities and to imbed action into the commissioning cycle. This is the first equity profile conducted in the United Kingdom for an ophthalmic condition. This methodology also provides a model(More)