Francis C. P. Law

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BACKGROUND Pueraria lobata flower (Gehua) is a medicinal herb to treat intoxication, hepatic and gastrointestinal tract lesion induced by alcohol. This study aims to develop a new HPLC method for the determination of two major isoflavones in P. lobata flowers, namely tectoridin and 6"-O-xylosyl-tectoridin. METHODS A high performance liquid chromatography(More)
With 8-(14)C-styrene oxide as substrate, specific glutathione S-transferase and epoxide hydrase activities were determined in subcellular fractions of liver, lungs, kidney, and intestinal mucosa from rabbit, rat, and guinea pig. Liver had the highest enzyme activities in each species. Rat and guinea pig had higher glutathione S-transferase activity in both(More)
The act of lateral gaze in some normal individuals causes the pupil of the adducting eye to be smaller than that of the abducting eye. This phenomenon was described by Tournay more than 70 years ago, but it has generally been considered to have no clinical significance. We discuss two situations, episodic anisocoria and aberrant regeneration of the third(More)
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