Francis Barbosa

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We recently reported that compounds created around a dipiperidine scaffold demonstrated activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) (Bogatcheva, E.; Hanrahan, C.; Chen, P.; Gearhart, J.; Sacksteder, K.; Einck, L.; Nacy, C.; Protopopova, M. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.2010, 20, 201). To optimize the dipiperidine compound series and to select a lead(More)
Manganese (Mn) is an essential trace element required for the proper functioning of a variety of physiological processes. However, chronic exposures to Mn can cause neurotoxicity in humans, especially when it occurs during critical stages of the central nervous system development. The mechanisms mediating this phenomenon as well as the contribution of Mn(More)
A diverse 5000-compound library was synthesized from commercially available diamines and screened for activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro, revealing 143 hits with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) equal to or less than 12.5 microM. New prospective scaffolds with antitubercular activity derived from homo-piperazine, phenyl- and(More)
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