Francis Bailly

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Deuxième point : la méthode. Les concepts de temps et d'espace pris en compte par nos mathématiques ont été conçus à partir d'un enracinement dans des problèmes propres aux sciences physiques. Il n'est pas étonnant qu'il faille les réviser : l'approche méthodologique des auteurs consiste en une révision critique à la fois historique et généalogique des(More)
This paper is a conceptual analysis of the role of the mathematical continuum vs. the discrete in the understanding of randomness, as a notion with a physical meaning or origin. The presentation is " informal " , as we will not write formulas; yet, we will refer to non-obvious technical results from various scientific domains. And we will propose a(More)
This paper proposes an abstract mathematical frame for describing some features of biological time. The key point is that usual physical (linear) representation of time is insufficient, in our view, for the understanding key phenomena of life, such as rhythms, both physical (circadian, seasonal...) and properly biological (heart beating, respiration,(More)
This paper proposes a systemic perspective for some aspects of both phylogenesis and ontogenesis, in the light of the notion of " biological organization " as negative entropy, following some hints by Schrödinger. To this purpose, we introduce two extra principles to the thermodynamic ones, which are (mathematically) compatible with the traditional(More)
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