Francis Adepoju

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Broadband is the common form of telecommunication used for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) telemedicine. However, in rural areas, bandwidth demand can easily outstrip the revenue realizable that is needed to pay for the network infrastructure investment so lower bandwidth is normal. A consequence of restricted bandwidth on access pipes is service contention at(More)
Medical staff in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are confronted with large volumes of continuous noisy data from several physiological sources that require interpretation. Rather than reasoning quantitatively on a point by point basis, especially in the context of other signals, we believe that Medical Staff could benefit with assistance in the interpretation(More)
A detailed analysis of scientific work done in transforming radio frequency (RF) signals for tracking an embedded object with special reference to telemetry capsules in the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract is presented in this paper. We fully discuss the mathematics of the necessary stages for transformation from signal to hexadecimal, decimal, to distance up(More)
Effective management of device-supported patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is complex, involving the interpretation of large volumes of high frequency data from numerous cardiac and respiratory parameters presented by the ICU monitors. ICU Clinical Decision Support systems can play an important role in assisting medical staff in terms of its ability(More)
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) telemedicine can be considered as the transmission of large volumes of continuous and noisy physiological data generated by the ICU monitors attached to patients from one site to another using computer and telecommunication technology for purpose of remote assistance. A common form of telecommunication is broadband which presents 2(More)
In this paper, we discuss system and method of determining the real-time location of an omnidirectional diagnostic radio frequency (RF) system while the object (transmitter) is moving freely inside an inaccessible organ. A specific application to the human gastrointestinal (GI) organ is presented, showing the importance of the method in accessing a specific(More)
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