Francine do Couto Lima Moreira

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The purpose of this study was to verify the polymerization efficiency of two curing units through a ceramic barrier. Forty specimens apiece of two resin luting cements (AllCem and RelyX U100) were made in a stainless steel mold. The experimental group was photocured through a ceramic barrier, while the control group was photocured without a barrier. The(More)
The aim of this study was to assess polymerization ability of three light-curing units by evaluating the influence of the light source, curing regimen and permeant (water or ethanol) on sorption, solubility and amount of residual monomers of a dental adhesive. Specimens of Adper Single Bond 2 were fabricated using a stainless steel circular matrix (8 mm x 1(More)
UNLABELLED Adequate polymerization plays an important role on the longevity of the composite resin restorations. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of light-curing units, curing mode techniques and storage media on sorption, solubility and biaxial flexural strength (BFS) of a composite resin. MATERIAL AND METHODS Two hundred and(More)
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