Francine Schwarz

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Annelida is a highly diverse animal group with over 21,000 described species. As part of Lophotrochozoa, the vast majority of annelids are currently classified into two groups: Errantia and Sedentaria, together forming Pleistoannelida. Besides these taxa, Sipuncula, Amphinomidae, Chaetopteridae, Oweniidae and Magelonidae can be found branching at the base(More)
Glyceridae (Annelida) are a group of venomous annelids distributed worldwide from intertidal to abyssal depths. To trace the evolutionary history and complexity of glycerid venom cocktails, a solid backbone phylogeny of this group is essential. We therefore aimed to reconstruct the phylogenetic relationships of these annelids using Illumina sequencing(More)
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