Francine Miller

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The frequency and clinical characteristics of lithium- and neuroleptic-mediated neurotoxicity were determined in 10 elderly bipolar patients. When lithium was used alone and therapeutic serum lithium levels were achieved, neurotoxicity did not develop. However, when a neuroleptic was added, neurotoxicity developed in 60% (three of five) of patients and was(More)
The impact of substance abuse on patients with borderline personality disorder was investigated. Substance abuse was common. Female patients preferred alcohol and sedatives. Male patients preferred stimulants. Substance abuse was associated with poor school performance, unemployment, and promiscuity. Depersonalization-derealization was common in(More)
OBJECTIVE To present and discuss the development and measurement properties of the Seating Identification Tool (SIT), a screening tool designed to identify the need for formal seating and wheelchair intervention among institutionalized elderly. Specifically, investigation of the inter-rater and test-retest reliability, sensitivity, specificity, the positive(More)
The psychiatric in-patient records of 90 patients greater than or equal to 65 years of age were reviewed retrospectively to determine the prevalence of chemical dependence and if lack of recognition and treatment of chemical dependence resulted in serious complications. Nineteen of the 90 patients were characterized as drug dependent and ten of these(More)
A retrospective analysis of all medically serious suicide attempts made by 45 patients hospitalized consecutively at the Payne Whitney Clinic with the DSM-III discharge diagnosis of Unipolar Major Depression, Recurrent, With Psychotic Features was undertaken. Patients with delusions of bodily disease, damage, and malfunction were significantly less likely(More)