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Two variants of recessive, H-deficient nonsecretor individuals (h/h, se/se) were identified on Reunion Island: (1) H-negative individuals corresponding to the classical Bombay phenotypes (OhO, OhA, OhB, OhAB) who lack completely the H antigen on their red cells; all of them were Indian and had strong anti-H antibodies reacting with normal O and Oh red cells(More)
Optical trapping techniques provide unique means to manipulate biological particles such as virus, living cells and subcellular organelles. Another area of interest is the measurement of mechanical (elastic) properties of cell membranes, long strands of single DNA molecule, and filamentous proteins. One of the most attractive applications is the study of(More)
The mechanism of the prolonged stimulatory effect of corticotropin (ACTH) on adrenocortical synthesis of cortisol was studied in guinea-pig adrenocortical cells harvested from control animals and from guinea-pigs submitted 24 h before the sacrifice to a prolonged ether anesthesia in an attempt to induce a release of endogenous ACTH. As a result of this in(More)
Determination of infectious viral titers is a basic and essential experimental approach for virologists. Classical plaque assays cannot be used for viruses that do not cause significant cytopathic effects, which is the case for prototype strains 229E and OC43 of human coronavirus (HCoV).Therefore, an alternative indirect immunoperoxidase assay (IPA) was(More)
Treatment of Fisher rats (AgB 1,26,28) with a soluble extract of histocompatibility antigens (SAE) prepared from the liver of donor August rats (AgB 5, 28, 31) associated with a few injections of anti-lymphocyte serum (ALS) provoked a specific prolongation of the median survival time of skin grafts from 27.6 +/- 11.4 days in ALS-treated controls to 55.1 +/-(More)
One B- and two A-specific radioimmunoassays detected A and B antigenic determinants in saliva of ABH nonsecretors. The A or B antigens found in saliva of nonsecretors had lower efficiency and higher heterogeneity, in the inhibition of the A or B assays, as compared to A or B antigens in saliva of ABH secretors. In the 3 assays, samples of nonsecretor Lewis(More)
A specific anti-macrophage serum (AMS) has been obtained by immunizing rabbits with mouse peritoneal exudate cells and after repeated absorption with mouse erythrocytes, thymocytes and splenic lymphocytes. A comparative study of the cytotoxic activities of this serum on macrophages, thymocytes and lymph node cells, before and after absorption, showed that(More)