Francine Evans

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Almost all scientific visualization involving surfaces is currently done via triangles. The speed at which such triangulated surfaces can be displayed is crucial to interactive visualization and is bounded by the rate at which triangulated data can be sent to the graphics subsystem for rendering. Partitioning polygonal models into triangle strips can(More)
Triangle strips are a widely used hardware-supported data-structure to compactly represent and efficiently render polygonal meshes. In this paper we survey the efficient generation of triangle strips as well as their variants. We present efficient algorithms for partitioning polygonal meshes into triangle strips. Triangle strips have traditionally used a(More)
Reconciling scene realism with interactivity has emerged as one of the most important areas in making virtual reality feasible for large-scale mechanical CAD datasets consisting of several millions of primitives. This paper surveys our research and related work for achieving interactivity without sacriicing realism in virtual reality w alkthroughs and(More)
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