Franciele Martini

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Chronic pain and depression are two complex states that often coexist in the clinical setting and traditional antidepressants and analgesics have shown limited clinical efficacy. There is an(More)
Elbow dysplasia and lesions of the medial coronoid process: correlation between tomographic and arthroscopic findings in thirty cases A. F. Botazzoli & F. Ferraresi & O. Travetti & F. M. Martini & C.(More)
Certain stressful life events have been associated with the onset of depression. This study aims to investigate if 7-fluoro-1,3-diphenylisoquinoline-1-amine (FDPI) is effective against social(More)
There is a well-known relationship between the cholinergic system and learning, memory, and other common cognitive processes. The process for researching and developing new drugs has lead researchers(More)
Ebselen is a synthetic organoselenium compound that has been considered a potential pharmacological agent with low toxicity, showing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects. It is(More)