Francie Hubbard

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4502 Background: Treatment for advanced RCC remains poor, with meaningful responses in a small minority. Most pts with clear cell RCC have loss of VHL protein primarily due to gene mutation, resulting in impaired breakdown of HIF-1proportion and overexpression of HIF-1proportion regulated genes including VEGF, TGF-proportion, EGF, and PDGF. Bevacizumab(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic treatment of metastatic melanoma is largely ineffective and alternative approaches are needed. Imatinib mesylate is an oral tyrosine kinase inhibitor that targets bcr-Abl, c-kit, platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR)-alpha, and PDGFR-beta, leading to remarkable clinical responses in several cancers. Signal transduction via(More)
We examined the long arm XY pseudoautosomal region for linkage to asthma, serum IgE, and bronchial hyperresponsiveness. In 57 Caucasian families multipoint nonparametric analyses provide evidence for linkage between DXYS154 and bronchial hyperresponsiveness (P = 0.000057) or asthma (P = 0.00065). This genomic region is approximately 320 kb in size and(More)
The diagnosis of aortic ring abscess by cross-sectional echocardiography has not been reported. In this paper, a case of bacterial endocarditis of the aortic valve extending to the aortic ring and the mitral valve is reported. The role of cross-sectional echocardiography in defining the anatomic distortion of the aortic valve in bacterial endocarditis and(More)
Patients undergoing coronary arteriography were studied to evaluate the feasibility of use of cross-sectional echocardiography to detect the left main coronary artery. Visualization of the left main coronary artery from the cardiac apex was attempted using a cranial transducer angulation. With this approach, the left main coronary artery was adequately(More)
Cross-sectional echocardiography identified two abnormal patterns of mitral valve closure in 14 patients with mitral regurgitation due to papillary muscle dysfunction: (1) in three patients with an akinetic inferior-posterior wall but normal cavity size, papillary muscle fibrosis was associated with late systolic mitral valve prolapse, and (2) in nine(More)
Cross-sectional echocardiography was performed on two patients with mitral regurgitation in whom M-mode echocardiographic findings were not specific for the etiology of mitral regurgitation. In one patient, flail motion of the free edge of the anterior mitral leaflet into the left atrium was demonstrated only by cross-sectional echocardiograms. In the(More)
18002 Background: Erlotinib is a small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) that targets epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFr). The EGFr is a potential therapeutic target because it is expressed by a number of malignancies, including melanocytic lesions, and in some plays an important role in the biology of the cancer. Our aim was to conduct a phase(More)
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