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Authors/Task Force Members: Gilbert Habib* (Chairperson) (France), Patrizio Lancellotti* (co-Chairperson) (Belgium), Manuel J. Antunes (Portugal), Maria Grazia Bongiorni (Italy), Jean-Paul Casalta (France), Francesco Del Zotti (Italy), Raluca Dulgheru (Belgium), Gebrine El Khoury (Belgium), Paola Anna Erba (Italy), Bernard Iung (France), Jose M. Miro(More)
BACKGROUND In Italian primary care, chronic heart failure (CHF) patients are mainly managed by general practitioners (GPs). However, there are few studies analysing CHF management challenges in primary care and identifying opportunities for improvement. OBJECTIVES To describe CHF care as implemented by GPs in the Veneto Region and to identify(More)
BACKGROUND Many different brands of primary care electronic patient record (EPR) software are available to general practitioners (GPs). Their ability to support GPs in improving prescribing varies greatly. OBJECTIVE To assess, using a ten-item tool, the quality of drug information provided by EPR software to support the appropriateness of prescriptions(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiologists may prescribe antithrombotic therapy to patients with atrial fibrillation (AF), but prescription application mostly depends on general practitioners. The present study aims to assess frequency and appropriateness of antithrombotic therapy in general practice, as a function of thromboembolic risk factors, using the CHADS2 score. (More)
The hospital-centered trend that has dominated medical culture and the management of health care during this entire century has, in the last few years, undergone a reversal in Italy. Conditions in other countries suggest that similar changes have or will become increasingly common. The family physician today manages many of the functions previously handled(More)
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