Francesco Zambon

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OBJECTIVES To determine factors affecting the severity of motorcycle injuries, considering variables related to the individual, the environment, the vehicle, and the crash. METHODS This is a register-based retrospective cohort study. All individuals born in 1970-1972 (n = 334,070) were extracted from the Swedish Population and Housing Census of 1985 and(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The study examines whether there are socioeconomic differences among young motorcycle drivers (aged 16-25) involved in road-traffic injuries with regard to age and injury severity. DESIGN Nationwide retrospective register-based cohort study. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Subjects born in 1970-1972 were extracted from the Swedish Population(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite the importance of understanding seat belt use patterns among drivers and passengers for the purpose of direct interventions or monitoring improvements, no study has described wearing rates for all seat positions in Russia. This study describes observed seat belt use and knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of seat belt use in Lipetskaya(More)
OBJECTIVE Italy has become an important host country for economic immigrants. The study is aimed at providing a descriptive analysis of obstetric hospitalizations among Italian and immigrant women in North-Eastern Italy. DESIGN Population-based registry descriptive study. SETTING Veneto Region, Italy. METHODS All obstetric hospitalizations in(More)
BACKGROUND Despite national guidelines in 2003 aimed at limiting the recourse to tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy (A/T), the latter are among the most frequent pediatric surgeries performed in Italy. Aim of the study is to investigate variability of A/T rates among children of the Veneto Region, Italy. METHODS All discharges of Veneto residents with(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of a demerit points system, introduced in Italy in July 2003, on the prevalence of seat belt use (intermediate outcome) and the number of road traffic deaths and injuries (health outcomes). DESIGN Pre- and post-intervention regional observational study for seat belt investigation (April 2003, October 2004); national(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of seat belt laws and public education campaigns on seat belt use are assessed on the basis of observational or self-reported data on seat belt use. Previous studies focusing on front seat occupants have shown that self-reports indicate a greater seat belt usage than observational findings. Whether this over-reporting in self reports(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS This study aimed at evaluating the quality of care in elderly patients hospitalized for heart failure, compared with that received by subjects of younger age. METHODS A cross-sectional retrospective study was performed on hospitalized subjects for heart failure in the Veneto Region (4.5 million inhabitants), located in North-East(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigates the degree to which a previous hospitalisation for injury of any intent is a risk of subsequent youth suicide and whether this association is influenced by family socioeconomic status or economic stress. METHODS A nationwide register-based cohort study was conducted covering all Swedish subjects born between January 1977(More)
To assess the short and long term effects of the demerit points system on seat belt use, we set a region-wide cross-sectional observational study 3 months before, and 3 and 15 months after the introduction of the scheme (July 2003) in the Veneto Region, Italy. We analysed differences in seat belt use by year of observation, gender and position in the(More)