Francesco Vaia

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Obesity, an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD), has been associated with the early development of coronary atherosclerosis in adolescents and young men. A subset of metabolically obese but normal weight individuals was identified, with potentially increased risks for development of the metabolic syndrome despite(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study we examine the efficacy of anti-retraction devices in preventing microbial contamination of dental unit water lines (DUWLs). METHODS The study was performed on 54 randomly selected DUs in use at private and public institutions for over six months. The selected DUs were all currently commercially available. To evaluate the(More)
The immunologic status of 40 breast cancer patients with operable disease and 50 healthy women was studied at the Division of Medical Oncology of the 2nd Medical School in Naples. Skin tests and lymphocyte subpopulation determination were performed. The same tests were repeated after surgery in the cancer patients. At the same time, the immunologic(More)
BACKGROUND Chagas disease is a parasitic disease due to Trypanosoma cruzi, endemic in Central and Southern America, where the protozoon infects about 8-10 million people. In rural areas the infection is acquired mostly through reduviidae insect vectors, whereas in urban ones it is acquired mainly through the transfusion of blood products, vertical(More)
INTRODUCTION From 2011 a program was developed for liver transplant recipients with Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score ≥30. We examined its effectiveness and impact on the other subjects on the waiting list. MATERIALS AND METHODS We analyzed requests received between January 2011 and May 2012 for the primary pathology, the outcome, the average(More)
Law number 91, dated April 1, 1999, established an organizational model for the activities of donation, retrieval, and transplantation of organs consisting of 4 levels: national, interregional, regional, and local. After 12 years this organizational project, called the "National Transplant Network," has reached an excellent level of effectiveness and(More)
INTRODUCTION In 2005 the Italian National Transplant Centre (CNT) signed a cooperation agreement with the Hellenic Transplant Organization (HTO) fostering the transfer and transplantation of urgent Greek liver patients at Italian transplantation centers. So as to not reduce access to transplantation for Italian patients, the agreement provided compensation(More)
This work shows how personnel involvement is one change strategy used in a complex organization making use of education and quality as main reorganization factors in a hospital system based on old management that didn't consider personnel as a strategy resource within a reorganizational change.
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