Francesco V Reddavide

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Dynamic combinatorial chemistry (DCC) explores the thermodynamic equilibrium of reversible reactions. Its application in the discovery of protein binders is largely limited by difficulties in the analysis of complex reaction mixtures. DNA-encoded chemical library (DECL) technology allows the selection of binders from a mixture of up to billions of different(More)
DNA-encoded chemical library (DECL) technology has emerged as a new avenue in the field of drug discovery. Combined with high-throughput sequencing, DECL selection experiments can provide not only many lead compounds but also insights into the structure-affinity relationship. However, the counts of individual DNA codes reflect, but cannot be used to(More)
The development of fast, reliable and culture-independent molecular tools to detect bacteria producing biogenic amines deserves the attention of research and ultimately of the food industry in order to protect consumers' health. Here we present the application of a simple, low-cost, fast and sensitive method to perform microdroplet-based multiplex PCR,(More)
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