Francesco Urbano

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An audacious theory proposes the existence of a novel form of life—the nanobacteria (NB)—that is quite different from the ones already known, but is capable of infecting and damaging other beings, thus qualifying them as new agents of emerging infectious diseases. The theory is no less revolutionary than the famous germ theory of disease, which was put on(More)
OBJECTIVE This study provides an assessment of completeness of cancer surveillance and incidence estimates for all malignancies, Hodgkin's lymphoma and thyroid cancer in the Italian army, for the years 2001-2007. METHODS The two-source capture-recapture method was employed, using both Chapman's and Chao's formulae, on the basis of cancer notifications(More)
We present the case of a patient with an infection by Nocardia which manifested itself with monocular endophthalmitis. Nocardia infection is not common and ocular involvement is one of the most uncommon presentations. In these cases it is very important to make an early diagnosis and intensive treatment to prevent the visual prognosis.
Determiners play an important role in conveying the meaning of an utterance, but they have often been disregarded, perhaps because it seemed more i~portant to devise methods to grasp the global meaning of a sentence, even if not in a precise way. Another problem with determiners is their inherent a~bigulty. In this paper we propose a logical formaliem,(More)
An abnormally elevated rate of Hodgkin's lymphoma was reported in 2001 among Italian soldiers in Bosnia and Kosovo since 1995: a surveillance system was therefore set up for the military community. Preliminary results for a longer period (1996-2007) have shown incidence rates lower than expected for all malignancies. No significant difference was registered(More)
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