Francesco Sorrentino

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 We report a patient with thalassemia intermedia who developed a mediastinal syndrome due to the growth of paravertebral hematopoietic masses in the posterior mediastinum. Because the patient did not receive blood transfusions due to alloimmunization, she was first treated with human recombinant erythropoietin (escalating low-moderate doses) to recover(More)
This paper deals with adaptive synchronization of chaos in the presence of time-varying communication-delays. We consider two bidirectionally coupled systems that seek to synchronize through a signal that each system sends to the other one and is transmitted with an unknown time-varying delay. We show that an appropriate adaptive strategy can be devised(More)
Urothelial tumours of the upper urinary tract are rare, but their incidence increases in subjects suffering from phenacetin nephropathy, Balkan nephropathy and infected pyelic calculi. In order to act on the urothelium through the urinary way, a cancerigenic substance must (1) be eliminated with the urine; (2) be absorbed by the urothelium; (3) remain in(More)
BACKGROUND The thyroid microcarcinoma is a tumor with maximum diameter of 10 mm (WHO). For the most part is not clinically palpable and not evident by imaging investigations. The papillary microcarcinoma is the most common form of thyroid cancer, followed by follicular microcarcinoma. The aim of our study is to assess the frequency of microcarcinoma, the(More)