Francesco Simone

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The rising success of the Internet of Things has led the Wireless Sensor Networks to play an important role in many fields, ranging from military to civilian applications. However, since sensor nodes are battery powered, communication protocols and applications for these networks must be carefully designed in order to limit the power consumption. In this(More)
The high-affinity folate-binding protein (FBP) is primarily involved in the uptake of the 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, and its expression may be physiologically regulated by the intracellular folate content. The overexpression of FBP on the cell surface of ovarian carcinoma cells may be responsible for an increased folate uptake. We tested the hypothesis of(More)
Two mathematical methods, the Fourier and wavelet transforms, were used to study the short term cardiovascular control system. Time series, picked from electrocardiogram and arterial blood pressure lasting 6 minutes, were analyzed in supine position (SUP), during the first (HD1), and the second half (HD2) of 90 • head down tilt and during recovery (REC).(More)
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