Francesco Sicurello

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(2015) Social media and mobile applications in chronic disease prevention and management. Front. Psychol. 6:567. Social media, online social networks and apps for smartphones and tablets are changing the way we communicate. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 73% of Internet users among US adults engage in social networking to access, create,(More)
Chronic diseases and conditions typically require long-term monitoring and treatment protocols both in traditional settings and in out-patient frameworks. The economic burden of chronic conditions is a key challenge and new and mobile technologies could offer good solutions. mHealth could be considered an evolution of eHealth and could be defined as the(More)
The paper presents an interregional telemedicine project between hospitals from two countries that encourage good economic cooperation. It uses modern technology and diverse human resources that contribute to a better accomplishment of the goals of the project and insures continuity of the services after the ending of the project. It instantiates the vision(More)
An integrated system for the multimedia management of images and clinical information has been developed at the Isituto Nazionale Neurologico C. Besta in Milan. The Institute physicians have the daily need of consulting images coming from various modalities. The high volume of archived material and the need of retrieving and displaying new and past images(More)
UNLABELLED This paper describes teh automatic procedure for a clinical record management in a Neurosurgery ward. The automated record allows the storage, querying and effective management of clinical data. This is useful during the patient stay and also for data processing and analysis aiming at clinical research and statistical studies. The clinical record(More)
The aim of this paper was to describe exhaustively, but concisely, the matter of the health technology assessment. It is a method of evaluating health technologies based on principles and tools of Evidence Based Medicine. We started from etymology to speak about its definition and implementation methodology. Moreover we guide the reader throughout the(More)
According to health politicians at present, the modernisation of the health care system is a continuous task of the health policy of governments. The core of this modernisation: to have information about the needs of the population and the patients, to ensure immaterial and material conditions of health care, to organise and direct the process of health(More)