Francesco Sciré

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To help meet the measurement needs of industries preparing to manufacture future generations of nanoelectronic devices and circuits, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has designed and built an instrument—called the Molecular Measuring Machine (M)—with the goal of measuring with one nanometer combined standard uncertainty the(More)
The indications for aortoplasty and the techniques employed are described. The advantages of using Dacron patches are explained, namely: restricted mobilisation of the aorta, no sacrifice of intercostal vessels, no risk of haemorrhage from ectasic collateral vessels with weak walls, or from the calcified aorta wall, and simplicity. The method requires(More)
Various disadvantages may be encountered with mechanical valve prostheses in the surgical management of mitral insufficiency; namely: 1) Early and secondary disinsertion; this is nearly always partial and is usually accompanied by haemolytic anaemial. 2) Infection with nil response to antibiotics. Death from septicaemia may be rapid. Replacement of the(More)
Small bowel tumours are rare, representing 0.3% of all cancers. The main problem with these tumours is that they induce vague, non-specific symptoms, causing a delay in diagnosis, which is often reached in cases of acute complications such as intestinal obstruction. Moreover, the small bowel is often involved secondarily by tumours that actually start from(More)
OBJECTIVE Diaphraghmatic injuries are rare (5-7%), usually secondary to blunt, or more rarely penetrating, thoracic or abdominal trauma. The most frequent site of trauma is the left postero-lateral region. We'll try to review this pathology in all its aspects. MATERIALS AND METHOD We report our personal experience from January 2002 to December 2004 on 280(More)
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