Francesco Saverio Proto

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—This paper describes the H.264 Scalable Video coding streaming Evaluation Framework (SVEF). This is the first open-source framework for experimental assessment of H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) delivery over real networks. Effectively adapting of the transport of an H.264 SVC stream to time-varying, bandwidth constrained, and loss prone networks is an(More)
—This paper is among the first works to document experimental results for application-aware H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) support over Wireless LANs. Application-aware support is achieved by introducing a bandwidth throttling device, called Virtual BottleNeck (VBN), before the WLAN Access Point. Throttling is set to a bandwidth slightly smaller than the(More)
—In wireless community networks users can communicate with each other directly without accessing the public Internet. However, the typical use of these networks is to provide Internet access, with a subset of users sharing their broadband connectivity acting as gateways. Other services offered inside the community network are not exploited by the majority(More)
—Wireless community networks are mesh networks built by volunteers which own, configure, and manage their wireless node. Such networks are prone to either unintentional (e.g. misconfiguration) or intentional node misbehavior. This paper proposes a fully distributed trust-based routing framework , tightly integrated with OLSR, which is the most exploited(More)