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The Physical spectrum of conformal SU(N) gauge theories
We investigate the physical spectrum of vector-like SU(N) gauge theories with infrared coupling close to but above the critical value for a conformal phase transition. We use dispersion relations,
Technicolor walks at the LHC
We analyze the potential of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to observe signatures of phenomenologically viable walking technicolor models. We study and compare the Drell-Yan and vector boson fusion
Conformal window of SU(N) gauge theories with fermions in higher dimensional representations
We study the phase diagram as a function of the number of colors and flavors of asymptotically free nonsupersymmetric theories with matter in higher-dimensional representations of arbitrary SU(N)
Enhanced Global Symmetries and The Chiral Phase Transition
We examine the possibility that the physical spectrum of a vectorlike gauge field theory exhibits an enhanced global symmetry near a chiral phase transition. A transition from the Goldstone phase to
Conformal Dynamics for TeV Physics and Cosmology
We introduce the topic of dynamical breaking of the electroweak symmetry and its link to unparticle physics and cosmology. The knowledge of the phase diagram of strongly coupled theories plays a
Supersymmetry inspired QCD beta function
We propose an all orders beta function for ordinary Yang-Mills theories with or without fermions inspired by the Novikov-Shifman-Vainshtein-Zakharov beta function of N=1 supersymmetric gauge
Dark Matter from new Technicolor Theories
We investigate dark matter candidates emerging in recently proposed technicolor theories. We determine the relic density of the lightest, neutral, stable technibaryon having imposed weak thermal
Vacuum stability of asymptotically safe gauge-Yukawa theories
A bstractWe study the phase diagram and the stability of the ground state for certain four-dimensional gauge-Yukawa theories whose high-energy behaviour is controlled by an interacting fixed point.
Walking in the SU(N)
We study the phase diagram as function of the number of colours and flavours of asymptotically free non-supersymmetric theories with matter in higher dimensional representations of arbitrary SU(N)