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We have developed a calcium diffusion model for a spherical neuron which incorporates calcium influx and extrusion through the plasma membrane as well as three calcium buffer systems with different capacities, mobilities, and kinetics. The model allows us to calculate the concentration of any of the species involved at all locations in the cell and can be(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Weedy rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea) is one of the most notorious weeds occurring in rice-planting areas worldwide. The objectives of this study are to determine the genetic diversity and differentiation of weedy rice populations from Liaoning Province in North-eastern China and to explore the possible origin of these weedy populations(More)
Direct gene transfer into plant protoplasts has been recently developed, and conditions for high frequency transformation of SR1 tobacco protoplasts established. In this paper we analyse numerous transformation parameters in a comparative study on SR1 Nicotiana tabacum and N. plumbaginifolia, and report on a simple chemical technique for very efficient(More)
The occurrence of DNA modification is an undesired phenomenon accompanying plant cell transformation. The event has been correlated with the stress imposed by the presently utilised transformation procedures, all depending on plant differentiation from in vitro cell culture, but other causes have not been excluded. In this work, transgenic Arabidopsis(More)
A 2 kb DNA fragment, upstream of the rice beta-tubulin isotype 16 (Ostub16) coding sequence, was isolated using inverse PCR and screening of a tubulin-enriched lambda library. An intron (863 bp) present in the 5' untranslated region (5' UTR) is spliced out to produce the most abundant mRNA species which corresponds to the previously cloned Ostub16 cDNA.(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Populus alba is a thermophilic forest tree present in the Mediterranean basin. Its habitat is highly fragmented and its distribution range has been subject to long-term human interference, resulting in debate surrounding whether certain populations are native or exotic in origin. In particular, populations from the islands of Corsica and(More)
There is increasing evidence that the extent of tumor removal in low-grade glioma surgery is related to patient survival time. Thus, the goal of resecting the largest amount of tumor possible without leading to permanent neurological sequelae is a challenge for the neurosurgeon. Electrical stimulation of the brain to detect cortical and axonal areas(More)
Stable integration of a gene into the plant nuclear or chloroplast genome can transform higher plants (e.g. tobacco, potato, tomato, banana) into bioreactors for the production of subunit vaccines for oral or parental administration. This can also be achieved by using recombinant plant viruses as transient expression vectors in infected plants. The use of(More)
Confocal laser-scanned microscopy and long-wavelength calcium (Ca2+) indicators were combined to monitor both sustained and rapidly dissipating Ca2+ gradients in voltage-clamped sympathetic neurons isolated from the bullfrog. After a brief activation of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels, Ca2+ spreads inwardly, and reaches the center of these spherical cells(More)
Transgenic plants are potentially safe and inexpensive vehicles to produce and mucosally deliver protective antigens. However, the application of this technology is limited by the poor response of the immune system to non-particulate, subunit vaccines. Co-delivery of therapeutic proteins with carrier proteins could increase the effectiveness of the antigen.(More)