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Automatic detection of figurative language is a challenging task in computational linguistics. Recognising both literal and figurative meaning is not trivial for a machine and in some cases it is hard even for humans. For this reason novel and accurate systems able to recognise figurative languages are necessary. We present in this paper a novel(More)
Nowadays the Web represents a growing collection of an enormous amount of contents where the need for better ways to find and organize the available data is becoming a fundamental issue, in order to deal with information overload. Keyword based Web searches are actually the preferred mean to seek for contents related to a specific topic. Search engines and(More)
— Enhancing the development of multilingual lexicons is of foremost importance for intercultural collaboration to take place, as multilingual lexicons are the cornerstone of several multilingual applications. However, the development and maintenance of large-scale, robust multilingual dictionaries is a tantalizing task. Moreover, Semantic Web's growing(More)
Dr Inventor is a system that is at once, a computational model of creative thinking and also a tool to ignite the creativity process among its users. Dr Inventor uncovers creative bisociations between semi-structured documents like academic papers, patent applications and psychology materials, by adopting a " big data " perspective to discover creative(More)