Francesco Ronchetti

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Hearing threshold has been measured in a group of patients following cochlear implantation with a Clarion device for the last eight years. The patients had received either a pre-curved carrier or the Hi-Focus I plus Electrode Positioner System (EPS). The assessment was carried out within the first post-operative week as well as at a later stage, between six(More)
Vestibular schwannoma may present as a sporadic or genetically-based multi-localized benign neoplasm of the internal auditory canal and/or cerebello-pontine angle region. Multiple localization is generally regarded as genetic in origin and often affects the stato-acoustic bundle on both sides. A case of double vestibular schwannoma localized on the same(More)
BACKGROUND Acquired cholesteatoma is a complication of chronic otitis media that is usually associated with an intense local inflammatory reaction. Cholesteatoma probably arises from epithelial migration close to an ongoing host inflammatory response attributable to a chronic bacterial infection. Chlamydia pneumoniae is an intracellular microorganism(More)
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