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A positive association has recently been reported in adult subjects between O/nonSecretor phenotype and asthma. To confirm this association, this study investigated the joint ABO/Secretor phenotype in a cohort of 165 asthmatic children. Three-hundred and sixty-two consecutive newborn infants from the same population were also studied as controls. The(More)
In 1996, 19 isolates of serotype 6B Streptococcus pneumoniae with a unique resistance pattern were found in carriers attending daycare centres in Patras, Southwestern Greece. These isolates were penicillin susceptible but resistant to chloramphenicol, tetracycline, erythromycin, clindamycin and trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole. Subsequently, isolates with the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether an early physical rehabilitative program could improve and/or accelerate recovery from a postoperative deficit of facial nerve (FN) function. MATERIAL AND METHODS A retrospective study of the charts of patients who presented a postoperative FN deficit after surgery for acoustic neuroma (AN) was carried out. Twenty-nine(More)
Vestibular schwannoma may present as a sporadic or genetically-based multi-localized benign neoplasm of the internal auditory canal and/or cerebello-pontine angle region. Multiple localization is generally regarded as genetic in origin and often affects the stato-acoustic bundle on both sides. A case of double vestibular schwannoma localized on the same(More)
Vestibular schwannoma (VS) often displays an irregular growth pattern due to factors which remain unknown. In this study, VS cell lines from tissue removed during surgery were cultured in order to assess the presence of transforming growth factor beta-1 (TGFbeta-1) a multifunctional polypeptide that has different pleiotropic effects on various tissues. The(More)
Innumerable articles have tried to solve the "continuing enigma of atopic and nonatopic asthma" but notwithstanding the strenuous efforts to substantiate the few well-known clinico-epidemiologic differences between these two forms of asthma most studies have hitherto generated inconclusive statements. In a recent study based on the review of epidemiologic(More)
CONCLUSION Distribution of the receptor for epidermal growth factor (EGF-R) and of the receptor for the keratinocyte growth factor (KGF-R) in cholesteatoma was found to differ in analogy with other epithelial tissues and accordingly to epidermal differentiation and intensity of paracrine stimulation. Moreover, both EGF-R and KGF-R expression was increased,(More)
Hearing threshold has been measured in a group of patients following cochlear implantation with a Clarion device for the last eight years. The patients had received either a pre-curved carrier or the Hi-Focus I plus Electrode Positioner System (EPS). The assessment was carried out within the first post-operative week as well as at a later stage, between six(More)
Asthmatic bronchial inflammation is associated with increased nitric oxide concentrations in exhaled air (eNO). Recent data suggest that this effect arises from atopy. Our aim in this study was to find out whether atopy and sensitization to particular allergens influences eNO levels. A total of 213 subjects (41 asthmatics and 172 controls) (96 boys and 117(More)
Although atopy patch tests (APT) seem a valuable additional tool in the diagnostic work-up for food allergy in children with atopic eczema/dermatitis syndrome, the immunopathology and some technical aspects of testing remain controversial. Few published data are available on the reproducibility of APT with inhalants and only two studies include fresh food(More)