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LOX-1, a lectin-like 52-kD receptor for oxidized low-density lipoproteins (ox-LDL), is present primarily on endothelial cells. This receptor is upregulated by ox-LDL itself and by angiotensin II, endothelin, cytokines, and shear stress, all participants in atherosclerosis. This receptor is upregulated in the arteries of hypertensive, dyslipidemic, and(More)
BACKGROUND Cold polypectomy techniques (without electrocautery) by means of biopsy forceps or snare are widely adopted for the removal of subcentimetric polyps. However, few data are available on the safety of this approach. The aim of this study was to assess the safety of cold polypectomy for subcentimetric polyps, as well as the rate of advanced(More)
OBJECTIVE Major depressive disorder (MDD) is associated with low-grade inflammation, and it is considered a risk factor for coronary artery disease (CAD). CD40 ligand (CD40L) plays an important role in inflammation, platelet activation, and clotting system activation. We investigated soluble CD40L (sCD40L) expression in MDD and assessed whether it may(More)
BACKGROUND Flexible left ventricular (LV) pacing configurations are a useful component of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) systems for preventing high LV pacing thresholds and phrenic nerve stimulation (PNS). A quadripolar LV lead has recently been designed with the purpose of allowing more choices in lead placement location and programming(More)
A full mathematical framework for the analysis and production of localized magnetic field profiles is presented. Of primary use in the production of highly homogeneous fields for nuclear magnetic resonance studies, the paper details the analysis of fields in terms of spherical harmonics, describes how field plotting in the appropriate manner may be used to(More)
BACKGROUND It has recently been suggested that mild renal dysfunction is associated with increased mortality in cardiac surgery; however, this risk factor is not accounted for in the European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation (EuroSCORE). The aim of the present study was to assess the effect of mild renal dysfunction as a predictor of operative(More)
Neurodegenerative diseases are largely defined by protein aggregates in affected tissues. Aggregates contain some shared components as well as proteins thought to be specific for each disease. Aggregation has not previously been reported in the normal, aging heart or the hypertensive heart. Detergent-insoluble protein aggregates were isolated from mouse(More)
A recurrent specific JAK2 V617F mutation has been reported in bcr/abl-negative chronic myeloproliferative diseases (cMPD), including polycythemia vera (PV), essential thrombocythemia (ET) and idiopathic myelofibrosis (IMF). The mutation is detectable in a variable proportion of neoplastic clones, depending on the molecular methods employed. In this study,(More)