Francesco Rizzi

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The European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is designed to be a flexible and efficient mechanism to encourage carbon-intensive industries to reduce CO 2 emissions cost-effectively. Similarly, Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) are well-established tools designed to improve the efficiency of the environmental performance of companies. Up to now,(More)
Despite the importance that environmental management systems have in the environmental policy agenda, the debate on their effectiveness to improve environmental performance (e.g. the reduction of polluting emissions) is still open among researchers and practitioners. Furthermore, no previous quantitative works have addressed the comparative study of the(More)
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has been the backbone of product life cycle management in Europe since the 2000s. Unfortunately, EPR implementation has multiple impacts on the supply chain and, thus, its consequences are not always easily manageable. Although several studies have explored various examples within the EU, the determinants of the(More)
The paper presents a first bibliometric map analysis of E-waste research from 2001 to 2011 providing the relations among the 35 most used terms in the field. More than 400 articles have been mapped with the help of a computer program called VOSviewer. From the interpretation of the map it is possible to conclude that there are five main clusters of interest(More)
This paper presents a component of the ongoing research project Integrated Real-time Mobility Assistant (IRMA). The component's name is Compensation Engine. IRMA is a software system that targets the personal mobility in a near future scenario, based on green, shared and public transports. IRMA handles end-to-end itineraries that may involve multiple(More)
Cerroni, R. Fisackerly, A. Fumagalli, B. Houdou, C. Howe, P.G. Magnani A. Morse, E. Monchieri, P. Reiss, L. Richter, F. Rizzi, S. Sheridan, L. Waugh, I.P. Wright, ESA ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, 2201AZ, Noordwijk, The Netherlands (, The Open University, UK, INAF, Italy, Selex-ES, Italy, RAL Space, UK,Airbus SD, UK, Technische Universitaet(More)
Energy efficiency in buildings and the penetration of renewable energies are important targets in order to reduce the European Union's dependency on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. The study collected information from a questionnaire among 27 European Union Member States and Norway. The aim of study is to provide a comprehensive overview of the(More)
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