Francesco Rentocchini

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This paper investigates the relationship between engagement in consulting activities and the research performance of academic scientists. The study relies on a sample of 2678 individual faculty, from five Spanish universities, who have been recipients of publicly funded grants or have been principal investigators in activities contracted by external agents(More)
This study aims at empirically investigating whether technology incubators help academic high-tech start-ups to establish collaborations with other organizations, thus increasing the competitiveness of these firms. In doing so, we take into account the specificities of academic high-tech start-ups with respect to their non-academic counterparts. We compare(More)
Practitioners generally assert that collaborations with the Open Source software (OSS) community enable software entrepreneurial ventures to achieve superior innovation performance. Nonetheless, to the best of our knowledge, scholars have never tested this assertion. This paper takes a first step towards filling this gap. First, based on the high-tech(More)
This paper focuses on the role of human capital in reducing the barriers to firms' engagement in innovation activities. The paper distinguishes between firms facing barriers that stop them from engaging in any innovation activity, and firms that face impediments in the course of their innovation activity. We investigate whether human capital has a(More)
BACKGROUND Data on the cocaine market appear inconsistent, as they tend to show declining prices vis-a-vis steady or increasing demand and a declining supply. This paper proposes an explanation for this trend by providing evidence of an under-estimation of the supply of cocaine. METHODS We propose a conservative estimate of cocaine production in Colombia(More)
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