Francesco Pizzitutti

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Water around biomolecules slows down with respect to pure water, and both rotation and translation exhibit anomalous time dependence in the hydration shell. The origin of such behavior remains elusive. We use molecular dynamics simulations of water dynamics around several designed protein models to establish the connection between the appearance of the(More)
Biological experiments were combined with molecular dynamics simulations to understand the importance of amino acidic residues present in the bromodomain of the yeast histone acetyltransferase Gcn5p. It was found that residue Pro371 plays an important role in the molecular recognition of the acetylated histone H4 tail by Gcn5p bromodomain. Crystallographic(More)
This study is concerned with the development and test of a coarse-grained representation specifically constructed for proteins and peptides, where each amino acid of the sequence is represented by a charged dipolar sphere. The model was parametrized from the physical properties of individual amino acids and applied to the study of the interaction between(More)
This paper reports on extensive molecular dynamics simulations (about 40 ns in total) in both the reduced and the oxidized states of Ferredoxin from Cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC7119. These calculations have provided us with the free energy profile of the phi(47) backbone angle which controls the "CO in" to "CO out" transition of Cys46 in the reduced and(More)
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