Francesco Pinciroli

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Information technologies (ITs) have now entered the everyday workflow in a variety of healthcare providers with a certain degree of independence. This independence may be the cause of difficulty in interoperability between information systems and it can be overcome through the implementation and adoption of standards. Here we present the case of the(More)
Information extraction from narrative clinical notes is useful for patient care, as well as for secondary use of medical data, for research or clinical purposes. Many studies focused on information extraction from English clinical texts, but less dealt with clinical notes in languages other than English. This study tested the feasibility of using "off the(More)
BACKGROUND There has been a dramatic increase in mobile apps for diabetes self-care. However, their quality is not guaranteed and patients do not have the appropriate tools for careful evaluation. OBJECTIVE This work aims to propose a tool to help patients with diabetes select an appropriate app for self-care. METHODS After identifying the conceptual(More)
This contribution focuses on the heterogeneity and complexity of health information technology services and systems in a multi-stakeholder environment. We propose the perspective of process modeling as a method to break out complexity, represent heterogeneity, and provide tailored evaluation and optimization of health IT systems and services. Two case(More)
This study assessed the feasibility of using MetaMap to identify medical concepts from clinical notes written in Italian. We performed two experiments: in "EXP 1", we used MetaMap to annotate Italian texts using a knowledge source consisting of Italian UMLS sources only; in "EXP 2", we used MetaMap to analyze an English unsupervised translated version of(More)
BACKGROUND Healthcare processes, especially those belonging to the clinical domain, are acknowledged as complex and characterized by the dynamic nature of the diagnosis, the variability of the decisions made by experts driven by their experiences, the local constraints, the patient's needs, the uncertainty of the patient's response, and the indeterminacy of(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing number of patients, the high costs of management, and the chronic progress of the disease that prevents patients from performing even simple daily activities make Parkinson disease (PD) a complex pathology with a high impact on society. In particular, patients implanted with deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrodes face a highly(More)